Homeschool Lessons: Europe and Weather

At the end of homeschool days, after clearing the table of books, crayons, glue, or whatever else we’ve been using, the boys make a mad dash for the back door. Rain, snow, ice, freezing cold, or sunshine, they’re out and ready for adventure. 

It’s like the boys have read the popular book by a Scandinavian mother, There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather. They prepare for the elements, er, rather, I assist with the scavenger hunt: socks, coats, two shoes that actually match, hats, and more as needed. It’s a workout worth a sweet strudel just to get all the gear on an excited five year old. Then they go.

It’s instantly quiet.

Sometimes I watch them from the dining room table, noting drying glue or crayon marks, and I think these days are a glimpse of what’s to come. We’re so busy with double digit subtraction, past tense verbs, and tennis lessons that soon they’re going to run out the door and my life will be just that: instantly quiet. Those realizations have me grabbing for cold gear and chasing after them.

When Wade retired from professional baseball, I never imagined our family would homeschool. After all, both of my parents were public school teachers. Then coronavirus happened. Like a horrible storm, it shook the world and flooded us with change. 

But I believe in rainbows. Promises of hope.

Over in my quiet, little part of Kentucky, I’m channeling my inner-Scandinavian and going outside no matter the weather. Having a couple farm critters kind of takes the decision part of that away. Last week’s unseasonably warm, sunny days were like the light at the end of winter’s long tunnel. We’ll make it. 

I’m also reading about “Hygge,” the Danish secrets to cozy homes and embracing simple pleasures. So far, I’ve decided I’m more Danish than Scandinavian. Give me all the hot drinks, fuzzy blankets, and intimate candles. Also, have you ever tried a småkager? It’s basically Denmark’s version of a cookie, and it’s perfect.

Here’s to no such thing as bad weather!…and to hoping my boys learn as much from these days as I have.

Author: Neena

Neena is a Kentucky wife, mother, and beekeeper. Her first novel, THE BIRD AND THE BEES, is a Christian contemporary romance available now. Visit her at