Should I say something?

I enjoy writing. I consider it a joy and a privilege to openly share my thoughts, stories, and the simplicities of our days with readers, but I’ve got to be honest. With so much competing noise in 2020, I’ve been wondering about all the words. Does anyone still know when to speak and when to stay silent? 

As a society, we’ve come a long way from common adages like, “children should be seen and not heard.” While many used to believe little ones were to remain quiet until spoken to, we’ve (thankfully…hopefully?) learned the importance of listening to our loved ones. 

There are countless examples of how humanity has failed to give everyone a voice. How regretful, how inconceivable it is not honor life breathed by God simply by giving ear. But how about now? How do I know whether my response or my silence is more charitable to my fellow man?   

Social media touts a few cool pictures and memories worth documenting, but largely it’s become a childlike game of “Got Ya Last.” One person wields a slashing statement on any number of divisive issues, and from the depths of Internet Land comes the dagger of disagreement. On and on it goes until battles end with blocked “friends” and broken relationships.

In an effort to speak a bit less, I’m keeping this short.

We’re familiar with another common adage: “Actions speak louder than words.” But what actions? I’ll end with paraphrasing the King of Kings, “Love God, love people.”

*Feature photo by Ryan Sepulveda on Unsplash

Author: Neena

Neena is a Kentucky wife, mother, and beekeeper. Her first novel, THE BIRD AND THE BEES, is a Christian contemporary romance available now. Visit her at