What is “Cotillion?”

Cotillion is an occasion for 7th and 8th grade students to learn etiquette and protocol in a variety of situations. Knowing what is expected reduces anxiety and increases confidence, so more time is spent enjoying our company, not sweating the small stuff. It’s a practice in good manners, yes, but it’s also about being present and putting others first. I love that.

“Etiquette” is a funny word that comes from the 15th Century French, étiquette, or “ticket.” Throughout the ages/various kingdoms/courts, etiquette came to be understood as “proper behavior.” For me, it calls to mind the Golden Rule–Jesus’ instruction for how Christians are to live. The Golden Rule is the ticket to the best etiquette emphasizing the inherent dignity of all people.

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31

Cotillion is an etiquette-equipping, confidence-building occasion that prepares youth to engage the world and to also be set apart from it. Instruction includes: dining, decorum, and social dancing. Cotillion 2024 enrollment is now open, and we anticipate classes filling quickly!

Watch our social media for more etiquette class opportunities, and if your co-op, classroom, troop group, or church would like to discuss hosting an etiquette event, I’d be happy to talk more. Contact me here!

*Picture by Dee Whitaker Photography.