I love spreading more Words Like Honey by being a guest on podcasts, radio shows, or any form of media that proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ! Here are some of my favorite interviews.


I’ve been a monthly guest on Spirit Mornings with Bruce and Jen out of Nebraska for almost a year. Here are a couple of our chats!

Chat based upon the blog post: http://www.wordslikehoney.com/lessons-my-dog-taught-me/
Based upon the blog post: www.wordslikehoney.com/lamb-season/
From the WOMI Radio Station’s broadcast: Shaped by Faith with Theresa Rowe!


Gotta love the freeze screen of a mid-blink. :/ Click to watch the interview!


Mamas in Spirit

Start Small/Believe Big with Bille Jauss

500 Seconds To Joy

and more!